Hypro Corporation’s Twin® piston and plunger pumps are used in a variety of spraying and pressure cleaning applications, as well as hydrostatic testing. These heavy-duty pumps are ideal for fluid handling of water and nonabrasive or general use chemicals. All pumps are constructed from cast iron materials. They feature stainless steel valves and ball bearing, leather or fabric-reinforced Buna-N or straight Buna-N cups. You can choose from a variety of drive systems to include: belt and pulley, 540 rpm PTO, gasoline engine or electric motor. These pumps are available in a variety of flow and pressure ranges up to a maximum of 10 gpm and 1000 psi, with maximum fluid temperatures of 140°F (piston pumps) and 180°F (plunger pumps).

All of the Hypro piston and plunger pumps share these quality features:

Nonabrasive and general use chemical compatibility
Compact, lightweight and easy to install
Replaceable leather cups for insecticides, herbicides and aromatic solvents
Replaceable Buna-N and fabric reinforced Buna-N cups for water, soap and detergent solutions
They are bi-rotational
Self priming operation (piston pumps)

See Piston Pump Catalog here for detailed pump information


*This requires a "special order" gas engine with a 5/8" shaft.

See Piston Pump Catalog here for detailed pump information